Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It Just Hit Me

Sometimes, you have to go looking for inspiration.

Sometimes, you are looking in the back of the freezer for a container of frozen orange juice and inspiration  falls out of the door, knocks you on the head and cracks open as it hits the floor, spilling its itty bitty slivered contents all over the floor.

A mess?  Or inspiration?

It's all in how you see it.

I saw the almonds on the floor, (which was mostly free of black dog hair allowing me to scoop them up and find that I had the exact amount I needed,) and the rosemary sprig on the windowsill and thought..."Focaccia!" 

Now, that may not be what your first thought is when you are standing in a nutty mess smelling piney freshness...but it was mine.  And if you're smart, which I know you are, you'll give this recipe a second thought some time.  It's super easy, looks gorgeous, makes a huge pile of bread and tastes delish! 

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